What we do

Facilitation is done with body language more often than words.

Drumming Facilitation Sessions on Djembe drums

No matter your age, nationality, language, or religion you can belong and be part of the song. Play the drum, listen and become aware of the part you play in the music and how you contribute to the whole. Then hold your part, or take your moment to express yourself within the structure of the music. As you play, you become part of the synergetic relationship within the rhythm of the drum circle, let go of stress, focus only on the present moment.

During an interactive drumming session, participants are guided by a facilitator to hold their own beat while others play opposite interlocking rhythms. Individuals are given a chance to express themselves within the contained structure of the session. A strong bass drummer holds the beat.

A happy group session at the Art Centre in Nieu Bethesda

Ubuntu Drumtime do drumming facilitation sessions for any number of people anywhere. No previous musical experience is required. We are flexible and available to work in partnership with tour guides and can bring our drums to any venue in Cape Town and surrounds.

Jamie and Vuyo with a group of Norwegian students in the township

Cutural Heritage: African Music Journey- Listen and play.

A performance story- telling show, demonstrating how the first instruments evolved from the ancient tribes of Africa. It is an imaginative story-performance, outlining the possible origins of the instruments we play today and includes musical interludes. It touches on the tribal history of Southern Africa, and the subsequent migrations. The story has many educational aspects and life-insights, which are of universal significance and can be enjoyed by all age groups and cultures.

African Music Journey-listen and play is listed on Airbnb experiences. We are available to do team building ice-breaking, heart opening interactive sessions for schools, NGO’s, corporations tour groups or celebrations. Anyone can have fun! Find our booking tool below.


Ubuntu Drumtime Music Interactive do drumming facilitation for groups or performances for events as well as entertainment. Our Musicians can also be hired to play djembe, mbira, marimba, ixilongo, Uhadi bow, guitar, harmonica, percussion and even gumboot dancing demonstrations for events.

Individuals who would like to experience this, you can book our Airbnb experience here. https://abnb.me/D7Lq9yyfwW?user_id=27197200&s=50

Or join a township bicycle tour with AWOL Tours. https://www.awoltours.co.za/

Drumming benefits all age- groups, old and young. A church group in Cape Town found great joy in connection when they invited Ubuntu Drumfun to do an interactive drumming session at one of their events.