Who we are

Founded in 2005, Ubuntu Drumtime Music Interactive-AKA- Ubuntu Drumfun is all about learning to listen, finding your place in the music and integrating with the whole. The experience of playing music in a group creates a sense of belonging releases stress, kindles individual confidence and builds team co-operation naturally. Ubuntu refers to the African tribal spiritual understanding that as humans we exist because of each other, not despite each other. “I am, because you are.”

We are based in Muizenberg, Cape Town- South Africa.

 Jamie Cloete (stage name Jamie Jupiter) is the founding member and lead facilitator.  He has performed around the world with the African Music Workshop Ensemble. He is a professional singer-songwriter performing regularly around South Africa.  His training as a music facilitator includes a certified course through the Berklee University “Learning to Live Music” Performance intensive for Mentors, as well as 18 years of practical experience around South Africa. 

Jamie plays the Ixilongo African reed pipe

He partners with his wife, Helena Kingwill- a multi-media story-teller and rhythm and space keeper.

Helena tells a story about a drum

Other team members include: Vuyo Katsha, a fellow multi-instrumentalist, who has completed his own album with Rootspring Records.

Vuyo in the spirit of the music

Zama Quamba, is a marimba player, drummer and gumboot dancing teacher doing great work in his own community. Zama is a respected teacher and travels regularly to Johannesburg to give workshops in gumboot dancing and drumming.

Zama Qambi takes the stage.
Sandile and Jamie jamming it up.

Sandile Jwaai, a seasoned jazz bass player of Xhosa origin joins us when he is available. Sandile has performed with some of South Africa’s Jazz luminaries. He studied music at UCT jazz school and adds a gentle but powerful presence.

Khuli and Vuyo are a delightful husband and wife team. Vuyo plays Mbira and bass and Khuli plays djembe, sings and teaches dance.